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OmniFocus : How To Create Shortcut to Add Project and its Tasks

Good evening, I am not very experiment in developing shortcuts, but I would like to create a shortcut, that by asking me a few questions would create a project in OmniFocus as well the project tasks, for repetitive projects without regular schedule. Thanks Ricardo

Toxic Productivity

Hi Rose & Scotty, I've been thinking about what some people call toxic productivity. Recently, I got frustrated with my system and workflow again and did a complete productivity system detox. I started a rebuild from the ground up, only adding components I really needed. So far so good. I have a long history of fidgeting with my system, app-hopping, probably wasting time, etc. No system is perfect and at some point you simply have to decide: this is it, no more fiddling, accept what is and get on with it. So, at what point is that? What is the optimal point along that productivity spectrum that spans from no system at all on the one side and toxic productivity on the other side? Thanks for considering!! Peter

Time tracking tasks

Hi I sent this to @NestedFolders and was asked to post here so 👇🏻👀 Hi hope life is good.I was going through your back episodes (As you do) and in episode 33 Rose 🌹 mentioned time tracking tasks 🤔 This is something I would really like to know more about and if it is something you both still do? I guess it's a Toggi/Timery thing? Or do you use anything else? Do you have any shortcuts you could share and how do you use it in your workflow? Obviously this is not a full episode worth but I think a bit on this subject might have some appeal. Anyway just a thought. As always all the very best Simon

Time Planning tagging system

Hi Rose & Scotty, Using OmniFocus, my GTD practice is pretty by-the-book: projects for anything that requires more than two steps, reasonably traditional GTD contexts, etc. Over the last couple of years, however, I have been playing with time planning tags to overlay my more traditional GTD system. I'm not talking about time blocking but more specifically organizing your tasks by Today, This Week (broken down by days of the week), Next Week, This Month, Next Month, etc. I have seen many people set this up (Colter Reed, for example. but whenever I do, it just ends up being more work than it is worth and then I just ditch it. Where I run into difficulties is that I am constantly updating tags. For example, if I tag a task with @Home, it usually stays @Home, but if I also tag that task with @Monday or @This Month, it is additional work and maintenance to update those tags when the task doesn't happen on Monday or This Month. Yet the concept continues to appeal to me. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on organizing tasks in this manner? Thanks for the great podcast. Always enjoy the topics and discussion! Peter

spontaneous focus

First, thank you both so much for the wonderful podcast! I have several health issues, including ADHD, and I can't predict my energy and focus levels. I try to work around it by having several options available, but it makes it particularly difficult to do deep work since there's always something easier to do. What advice would you have for choosing to do deep, focused things when I can't plan ahead for them? Thank you so much, Judica